VICI gyozas with snail and truffle filling nominated as one of the most innovative products on this year’s Anuga

VICI gyozas with snail and truffle filling nominated as one of the most innovative products on this year’s Anuga

Viciunai Group can celebrate a little success already before the doors of this year’s Anuga open on 5th of October. We registered 4 innovative products for the Anuga Taste Innovation Show: smoked salmon with salmon and honey, surimi chunks with tuna taste, surimi wok noodles and gyoza with snails and truffles. The Anuga Taste Innovation Show highlights the 65 most innovative products from a total of 2.000 that are presented by Anuga exhibitors. On this year’s event, gyozas with snail and truffle got through to the final selection.

‘A growing number of consumers are giving priority to high-quality product composition and unprecedented taste. For this reason, we keep creating innovative recipes that allow us to surprise the market with unique, never before seen and gourmet products, such as VICI gyozas with snail and truffle filling. We are excited that the innovativeness of this product was appreciated by the industry experts – organisers of Anuga themselves’, said Vilma Stankevičienė, the Product Development Manager of Viciunai ir Ko.  

This year the growing range of organic products, such as bio pancakes, bio gyozas, cod in bio breading etc., will have its own section on Viciunai stand. The stand with a total surface of 100m² will hold a dedicated organic corner to showcase these innovations to existing clients, business partners, interested companies and, ultimately, to the massive crowd that will be attending Anuga.

Approximately 25 representatives from VICI will try to take care of every visitor who seeks information and consultation in relation to our variety of food. Around 165.000 visitors from 198 countries (2017) come to Anuga to see and taste the products of the nearly 7.500 companies that exhibit their portfolio. That is a great opportunity to offer our food products – freshly prepared by cooks on spot – to the whole world.

The Anuga represents one of the most important events for the global food industry. This event ensures that we keep all business partners and clients up-to-date, attract potential clients and celebrate our success. For the celebration, the already traditional stand party will be held on Monday, 7th October. A perfect moment for our numerous guests to unwind, not forgetting that the Anuga is also about enjoyment.