About usQuality and environment policy

Vičiūnai Group manufactures and sells surimi, fish, seafood, snacks, egg, meat and flour products. The Group unites production companies in Lithuania and other countries of the world. It joins sales and logistic offices in many countries of Europe. Vičiūnai Group is following ecolabel and fishery certification program to contribute to the health of the world‘s oceans by recognising and rewarding sustainable fishing practices and ensures fulfilment of implemented international standards requirements as well. Management of the Group fosters needs of its stakeholders – customers, employees, partners and society. It claims the following strategic guidelines based on quality of its products and services as well as principles of food safety, social responsibility and environmental protection:

  • Strive for maximum satisfaction of customer needs and expectations as well as customer trust and loyalty by ensuring stability and high quality of the products and provided services, authenticity, compliance with the product specification and legislation.
  • Develop products and implement new technologies which allow introduction of higher quality products to the customers and more efficient usage of resources thereby reducing the impact on environment.
  • Ensure quality, safety and authenticity of incoming raw materials and packaging by carrying out periodical audits of suppliers, evaluating conformity to the requirements of raw materials and packaging to prevent possible fraud and falsification of incoming materials.
  • Use economically any environmental resources and take preventive measures related to environmental pollution, waste formation as well as unforeseen dangerous situations and seek for their reduction.
  • Follow legal acts and standards as well as other regulations governing our activity.
  • Continuously develop skills of employees; encourage their training and self-realisation; develop their comprehension and responsibility for quality and environmental protection; ensure safety, security and wellbeing of employees by implementing of ethical and social responsibility norms.
  • Strive for efficiency by identifying interaction of processes and by applying process approach in the Group of companies.
  • Continuously improve food safety and quality culture, quality and environmental protection, occupational health and safety management systems; analyse their results and improve their efficiency.
  • Develop partnership with local communities, academic institutions and interested organizations by participating in social partnership and environmental projects.

The Management of Vičiūnai Group undertakes to implement this food safety, quality, environmental protection and socially responsible business policy and to allocate recourses necessary for its implementation as well as for fulfilment of the activity tasks which are set based on this policy. The Management also asks all employees of the company to join forces in order to reach common goal.