About usEthics, social responsibility and human rights policy

Vičiūnai Group is a holding, overlooking surimi, fish, egg, meat and flour products processing companies in Lithuania and other countries of the world as well as trading and logistic companies in many European and Asian states. As a major player in international business and society and understanding its responsibility towards customers, suppliers, employees and the community alike, the Group undertakes to observe the principles of ethics and socially responsible business as follows:

-   relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners;

-   environmental protection;

-   relationship with employees;

-   relationship with the community.

It is an integral part of the vision and values, food safety, quality, environmental protection and Human Rights policy of Vičiūnai Group that is applied to all companies of Vičiūnai Group.

The policy of social responsibility, ethical employer, quality and environmental protection is communicated to all employees of the company and employees related to the company. The policy is publicly accessible to all our customers, suppliers, business partners, society and interested parties.

Social responsibility of Vičiūnai Group in its relations with customers, suppliers and business partners:

-   We pay considerable attention to the quality of products and service. We strive to satisfy to the maximum possible extent the expectations of our customers by providing new products for the market and by ensuring stable quality of the products we produce.

-   Where possible, we exceed the legal minimum standards in order to ensure production in hygienic, healthy and safe conditions, and our employees are safe, properly paid and appreciated.

-   We observe the principles of ethical business; we ensure free competition conditions for our suppliers; and any types of bribery and corruption are not tolerated by the Group.

Social responsibility of Vičiūnai Group in the sector of environmental protection:

-   We use advanced technologies and materials in our activities. This allows us to use natures’ resources efficiently and economically, and reduce the environmental impact.

-   We strive to prevent waste accumulation and emergency situations and constantly look for efficient methods to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

-   We support and implement the projects of environmental protection and pay considerable attention to reduction of usage of natural resources. We submit the data and information about impact on environment by our corporation periodically.

Social responsibility of Vičiūnai Group in relations with employees:

-   We unconditionally guarantee for all employees the right to be entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Human Rights Declaration, without distinctions of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

-   We do not apply any forced or compulsory rates of work in our activities. 

-   We respect and acknowledge the right of the employees to voluntarily join voluntarily trade unions and professional associations and the right to negotiate with the employer.

-   We ensure a safe and harmless work environment by assessing the possible hazards systematically and by implementing measures to eliminate such hazards. We train our staff periodically in rules on hygiene, safety and health.

-   We have no tolerance for child exploitation. The staff is employed in compliance with employment age requirements, established by the laws. The temporary employees under 18 years are ensured safe and healthy work conditions, night-shifts are not allowed for such employees.

-   We pay to our employees by taking into consideration their competence and their work carried out. We inform all our employees before employment about the working conditions and the system of remuneration.

-   We ensure that the work time of our employees meets the procedure established by the laws. Overtimes are voluntary and payable according to the requirements established by regulations.

-   We have no tolerance for discrimination on the basis of employment, wage, studies, career, termination of the labour relations or retirement as well as on the basis of race, nationality, religion, age, disability, family status, sexual orientation, membership or political attitude.

-   Our employment relations are based on regulations and practices of the countries where we carry out our activities. We ensure equal development and carrier opportunities for every employee.

-   We have no tolerance for physical, verbal and sexual threats, constraints, abuse or deterrence, crude or humiliating behaviour. We treat our employees with respect and preserve their dignity.

Social responsibility of Vičiūnai Group in relations with society:

-   We develop partnerships with local communities, educational institutions and interested establishments by participating in projects of social partnership and environmental protection and by contributing to social development and wellbeing of the community.

-   We act transparently and responsibly when taking decisions in our activities which can have an impact on society and environment.

The Vičiūnai Group management team undertakes to observe the ethics and social responsibility principles and constantly monitors the implementation of such obligations in activities of the Vičiūnai Group companies.