Baltic Food Partners will be among the first in Lithuania to have a fully-automated food freezing chamber

Baltic Food Partners will be among the first in Lithuania to have a fully-automated food freezing chamber

The main logistics and warehousing centre of Viciunai Group, which operates in the territory of Kaunas FEZ, is completing a rapid development and modernisation project. It will feature an automated storage facility that is the first storage facility of its kind in Lithuania.

The growing production volumes and the corresponding increasing need for storage space were the factors leading to the decision to substantially renovate Viciunai Group’s main logistics and warehousing centre. The project was launched a year ago, with the aim of applying innovative solutions to increase the storage capacity and utilise the existing area to its full potential, while also improving the storage processes. The modernisation project will result in an increase in the total number of pallet spaces by more than 3.5 times.

 “A key part of the development project is the installation of a fully-automated storage facility, which is one of the first of its kind in Lithuania. It does not require any manual labour, and it allows us to save storage space, as over 5 thousand euro pallets will fit in the freezing chamber. We intend to use it to store the Viciunai Group products intended for foreign markets,” said the CEO of BFE, Virginijus Kancleris, describing the innovation.

The CEO revealed that the facility will have modern 3D drive-in racks, which accommodate 36% more pallets compared to the same area in regular racks. The warehouse will also use inflatable ramps to reduce the atmospheric effects, so the products will have no contact with the external environment and will maintain the appropriate temperature during all loading processes.

The new freezing chamber is noteworthy not only because it can house an increased number of pallets, but also because of its smart storage system, which allows for a significant increase in productivity and requires fewer human resources. This system can load 60 pallets in an hour and as much as 1200 pallets a day, by finding the empty spaces in the warehouse and slotting in the loaded pallets all on its own. Since the equipment requires very little human input, orders can be prepared during the night and placed on ramps the next morning.

We expect to complete the contracts and start operating the new automated storage system in a few months. So far, we are pleased to see that the work has gone smoothly, and we are eager to see the new equipment being launched!