Viciunai Group further strengthens its position as a Top Employer

Viciunai Group further strengthens its position as a Top Employer

More and more people are applying to join the Viciunai Group of companies. According to data from CV-Online, we ranked 23rd in the list of the Top 50 Lithuanian Employers after finishing in 29th place last year.

This information is important not only because it shows that the company is increasingly attractive to potential employees, but also because it is an objective evaluation. All companies that publish job offers on the CV-Online website are included in the Top Employer list, where the main criteria is the attention that potential employees gave these job offers throughout 2020. The increased attention from jobseekers shows the growing public interest in our various initiatives, as well as the different business and career prospects available at Viciunai.

“Even during the uncertainties of 2020, which were extremely complicated for every business, we were able to mobilise our team and further develop our operations. It is natural for people to find stability and the continuation of activities, which are very important in these unprecedented times. The pandemic has also revealed an important and overlooked advantage of our business operations – food production does not stop under any circumstances,” said the Administrative Director, Ramune Bickauskiene.

“We were glad to see over 20 of our colleagues being promoted in 2020. At the same time, just about the same number of specialists from various fields joined our team. The career opportunities available in our group of companies are wide, both geographically and in terms of the required competencies. This is what makes us attractive to ambitious people who are not afraid of facing challenges.”

For us, 2020 has also involved an important relocation. The main headquarters of Viciunai Group has moved to Magnum – one of the most modern business centres in Lithuania. We believe that our new home is much more in line with the scale of the group’s business operations, as well as with the needs of the modern professionals working in the company.

All of our colleagues have demonstrated flexibility and professionalism to ensure the smooth continuation of our activities and to increase public interest. We have promptly applied the most important up-to-date prevention measures since the beginning of the pandemic, and we also managed to coordinate our activities in different countries in a short space of time, which has made working remotely just as efficient as before.

We fully understand that these are only some of the relevant criterion and there is always room for improvement. However, Viciunai’s constantly improving position among the best employers in the country shows that we are moving in the right direction by working together. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this positive move for Viciunai Group through their daily work and professionalism, and are continuing to increase the interest in our company!