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The branch of Baltko ООО was established in 2002 in Moscow (Russian Federation). In 2003 the branch BaltKo Neva OOO was established in Saint Petersburg.

The companies main activity is the trade and distribution of Viciunai Group manufactured products. Surimi products account for 84% of all sales, fish products around 10% of sales, and the remaining part of sales consists of trade in herring, seafood, pizzas, etc.

BaltKo OOO is the market leader for surimi products market in the Russian Federation, having approximately 40-50% share of the entire surimi products market. Viciunai Group manufactured products are sold in the largest retailers within the Russian Federation – Auchan,  Tander, X-5, Metro, Okey, Lenta, Diksi, Real, 7th Continent, etc.

The largest part of all sales is comprised of products, marked with VIČI and KrabOK trademarks (90%); the remaining part is covered by Esva, Sovetskije, Dary Poseidona, Columbus and private trademarks (365 дней, Лунское море, Северная гавань, Лорд Нелсон, etc.).

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Viciunai Group trademarks.

  • Rido kiaušiniai
  • Trejos girnos
  • Brum Brum
  • ESVA
  • Columbus
  • VICI