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The company Frost Logistics OOO was registered in 2007, in Sovjetsk, Kaliningrad region.

The main activity of the company: warehousing of frozen and chilled products in warehouses complying with A category and logistics services.


  • Convenient access by heavy transport; territory suitable for manoeuvring of heavy goods vehicles;
  • Automated stored goods accounting system, enable to control the goods movement, goods acceptance and issue inside warehouse in the real time.
  • Modern loading equipment is used for the goods loading works; warehouse infrastructure is applied to maintenance of small, average and heavy vehicles.
  • Modern property protection, fire-fighting and ventilation systems are installed in the warehousing premises.
  • Warehouse capacity: 6000 pallets.
  • The company renders logistics and freight forwarding services.

Provided services:

At the moment the company has already acquired 15 new trucks.

Conditions of warehouses (characteristics)

  • Total area of warehousing complex: 3 966.4 m2
  • Warehouse temperature regime: from -20 °С to -23 °С    
  • Warehousing of shelving systems
  • Number of pallets: 11 500
  • Quantity/number of storeys in warehouse: 5

Transportation geography: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, and Lithuania.

The company employs 181 people.

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