Viciunai Group uses new sources of funding in Western Europe

Viciunai Group has agreed on EUR 20 million loan to fund its business with Austrian bank Raiffeisen Bank International AG. For Viciunai, this is the first funding agreement of this scope in Western Europe, which helps the Lithuanian company group to further its sustainable funding strategy by diversifying its sources. The world’s second-largest manufacturer of surimi products is discussing funding with some other potential partners in the West as well. More


VICI gyozas with snail and truffle filling nominated as one of the most innovative products on this year’s Anuga

The Anuga Taste Innovation Show highlights the 65 most innovative products from a total of 2.000 that are presented by Anuga exhibitors. On this year’s event, gyozas with snail and truffle got through to the final selection. More


Viciunai enters Walmart Canada, North American exports doubling in 2019

Viciunai Group’s business development in the main markets across the Atlantic is gaining momentum. The Lithuanian company has entered the stores of the global retail giant Walmart in Canada. More


Viciunai expands its company group abroad by establishing a sales company in Georgia

Viciunai Group continues expanding its sales and distribution network abroad. Last year, they established representative offices in France, the United Kingdom, and Kyrgyzstan. A few weeks ago, a new sales company was established in one of the most promising markets in the Caucasus region – Georgia. The local company is expected to help expand the product range faster and double the sales. More


Reps of the Embassy of Japan get a taste of Viciunai Group’s products

Last week, Viciunai ir Ko’s representative Paulius Petrauskas visited the capital where he met with Shire Yamasaki, Japan’s Ambassador to Lithuania who has been appointed less than a year ago. More


Viciunai Group plants remain on high achiever lists of the BRC and IFS

After almost six months, the intense period of annual IFS and BRC audits at the factories of Viciunai Group is coming to an end. From early January to May, auditors from all over the world have been auditing 7 plants: VIP, BFP, BFE, PKP, PD, SB, and the Tallinn-based PKT; in the meantime, another inspection is scheduled to take place at the OKF plant next week. More


Three VICI Products Made it to the Seafood Excellence Global Finals

An industry award ceremony on a par to the Oscars will take place for the 27th time at the world’s largest fish and seafood show, Seafood Expo Global, in Brussels on May 7–9. Just like every year, the Viciunai Group will have its special products competing in the finals, with 3 out of the company’s 4-product line-up making to the final stage. More