About usShort history

1991 m.

  • Viciunai UAB  was established in Kaunas (Lithuania). It’s primer main activity is transport services and trading canned food.

1994 m.

  • Brand new fish products plant Plunges Kooperatine prekyba UAB opened in Plunge (Lithuania).

1995 m.

  • Under its trademark Viciunai different fish products present to a wider scale of customers.

1997 m.

  • Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB acquires the first surimi products production line in Lithuania.
  • An industrial bread bakery is purchased. The company Plunges Duona UAB is established. 

1999 m.

  • Viciunai UAB main activity is reorganized in two separate companies: Viciunai ir Ko UAB and Viciunai UAB (international logistics company).      

2000 m.

  • The first steps into Western Europe market: the trademark Viciunai is replaced by Viči.
  • The distribution company Vichiunai Europe NV is established in Bruge Belgium.
  • The breaded fish production plant Paljassaare Kalatoostus AS based in Tallinn, Estonia is purchased.
  • The distribution company Vichiunai Baltic OU is established in Tallinn, Estonia.

2001 m.

  • Implementation export plans to the  Russian Federation. 
  • Opening distribution company Baltko OOO in Russia.

2002 m.

  • Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB is reorganized; the fish processing department is separated and new company Viciunai ir Partneriai UAB  is registered.
  • The plant Vichiunai-RUS OOO is established in Kallingrad Russia.
  • The distribution company Vicziunai-POL Sp.z. o.o. is established in Poland.
  • The distribution company Vičiūnai – Ukraina LTD is established in Ukraine.

2003 m.

  • The distribution company Viciunai-LAT SIA is established in Latvia.

2004 m.

  • Acquisition of of  Makrill in Estonia.
  • The distribution company Viciunai Czech Republic S.r.o. is opened in Czech Republic.
  • The distribution company Vichiunai– Kazakhstan TOO is established in Kazakhstan.

2005 m.

  • Makrill OU reorganized to Vichiunai Nordic OU.
  • The activity of footwear chain Bona is started.

2007 m.

  • Reorganisation of the plant Vichiunai Nordic OU: production lines are transferred to Paljassaare Kalatoostus AS.
  • Due to a mayor fire the oldest crab sticks production department of Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB is destroyed.
  • The logistics company Frost Logistics OOO is established.

2009 m.  

  • The footwear chain Bona was sold.
  • The capacities of fish manufacture are expanded and the construction of the new company Baltic Food Partners is started.
  • The distribution company Ekofort Sooo is established in Belorussia.

2010 m.

  • Surimi product plant the Sistemos Britor S.L.U is purchased in Santander, Spain.
  • The trading companies’ chain and geography are expanded: VG Iberia, in Spain, Vichiunai Ser in Serbia; VG Handel, in Germany, VG Italy in Italy, Vichiunai-Bel and Vichiunai Logistic in Belorussia.
  • The logistics is developed in Ukraine; a new company Ukr Logistika LTD is established.
  • The transport company Vichiukrtrans LTD is established.
2011 m. 
  • The new Baltic Food partners UAB plant in Plunge is opened.
  • The transport company Vici-trans OOO in Sovetsk is established.
  • Online shop www.e-vici.lt sales are started.
  • Eurobasket 2011 is mainly sponsored by Viciunai
2012 m. 
  • Construction of new palnt in Plungė is started
  • New company VG Agro Holding established and agricultural production and processing buisiness development is started.
  • Construction of new Baltic fish export fish processing plant in Kaunas Free Economic Zone is started.