New VIČI products impressed "Anuga" exhibition visitors

"Anuga" is one of the most visited and largest food and beverage exhibitions in the world, occurring every two years. It attracts industry leaders, traders, retailers, and other representatives from the global food sector. This year, "Anuga" welcomed approximately 140,000 visitors from 200 countries.

A joint team of "Vičiūnai Group" from across Europe (Lithuania, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, France, and more) participated in the exhibition. They met with existing clients and actively engaged with potential customers. In the VIČI stand a wide range of VIČI products, including various surimi products, "Gyoza" and "Xiao Long Bao" dumplings, salmon, pancakes, pizzas, herring, VEGAN, and other high-quality products were presented.

Visitors at VIČI stand were pleasantly surprised and treated to delicious dishes made of VIČI products. Chef offered a variety of meals, such as:

Sushi with surimi sticks and salmon;

Nigiri with mackerel;

Sushi rolls with herring;

Crispy GYOZA with various sauces;


Pancakes with various fillings. 

A VIČI stand was one of the busiest stands in the exhibition.