Activities / Food productionSistemas Britor S.L.U.


The factory Sistemas Britor S.L.U. located in Santander city, the Spanish Cantabria region, was acquired in 2010.

After acquisition of the factory, all manufacturing premises and equipment were fully renewed. While works were continued by the old employees of the factory, they were also joined by the newly formed team.


Sistemas Britor S.L.U. activities focus on the production of surimi products (crab sticks, chunks, bites, IQF). The product range includes over 100 names.

Currently Vičiūnai Group sells surimi production in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Croatia. 



Sistemas Britor S.L.U.
C/Joaquin salas N 6,
Penacastillo (Mercasantander)
39011 Santander, Spain
Phone: +34 942 348111
Fax: +34 942 355827

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