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For the ease of our customers, Viciunai Group has established 21 distribution and sales office all over the Europe.

Distribution / Sales

Distribution and sales companies

Viciunai ir KO UAB

Viciunai ir KO UAB - the trade company supervises wholesale and retail trade networks, non-systematic trade, “HoReCa” sector*, provides distribution services and carries out logistics functions. More

Viciunai UK & Ireland

Viciunai Group has been working in the UK market since 2012. Since then, our products and services have been recognized by such partners as Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Dunnes, Waitrose and others. More

Viciunai–LAT SIA

Viciunai–LAT, SIA is one of the leading distributors of frozen and ready to cook food products in Latvian market. More

Viciunai Baltic OU

OU „Vičiūnai Baltic” was established in 2000. The company serves shopping centres for food products, small shops and public catering enterprises operating in Estonia. More

Vichiunai Europe N.V.

Vichiunai Europe N.V. was established in 2000 as a subsidiary company of Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba,LTD in Belgium. More

Creative Seafood France

The main objectives of the company are product portfolio diversification, sales promotion, and overall development of the VICI brand in the market. More

VG Iberia

VG Iberia -the main activity of the company is the sale of products manufactured by the companies of "Viciunai" Group in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil More

Viciunai Central Europe S.r.o

The main activity of Viciunai Central Europe, s.r.o. is to develop Viciunai Group manufactured products in the markets of Central Europe: Czech Republic and Slovakia. More

Viciunai POL Sp.z.o.o.

The main Vicziunai-POL Sp.z.o.o. activity is to develop Viciunai Group manufactured products in Polish market. More

Viciunai Bucharest S.R.L.

Viciunai Bucharest S.R.L. represents the following trademarks: VICI and Columbus. More

VG Handel GmbH

The main VG Handel GmbH activity is selling Viciunai Group products. More

Vichiunai SER D.o.o.

Vichiunai SER D.o.o., was established at the end of 2010. More


Viciunai Group trademarks.

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