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Viciunai Group are specialists in manufacturing surimi, fish and flour products. The company has a portfolio of more than 3 thousand products, marked with VIČI, Esva, Columbus, and other trademarks.

Food production

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The construction of Orka Foods, a new fish bites and culinary fish production factory, started in 2012, and in 2013 it already started the supply of its production. More


The construction of the plant and warehouses Baltic Fish Export began in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in 2012 and as early as June 2013 the plant and warehouses started the production supply. More

Plunges kooperatine prekyba UAB

Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB the main activity is production and sales of food products from surimi (crab sticks, crab meat, bites, chunks, crab claws, etc.). More

Viciunai ir Partneriai UAB

Viciunai ir Partneriai UAB is one of the largest and most up-to-date fish product processing companies in the country. More

Baltic food partners UAB

The company Baltic food partners UAB was established in 2011 in Plunge town (Lithuania). More

Paljassaare Kalatoostus AS

Paljassaare Kalatoostus AS is one of the leading food industry companies in Estonia. More

Sistemas Britor S.L.U.

Sistemas Britor S.L.U - manufacturer of crab sticks and other surimi products in Spain. More

Plunges duona UAB

„VIČI duona“- the company which bakes over 100 different names of bread, pastry and confectionery products. More


Viciunai Group trademarks.

  • Rido kiaušiniai
  • ESVA
  • Columbus
  • VICI