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Bread bakery in Plungė started its operations back in 1951. 62 years ago this bakery baked three-title dark bread and two-title white bread, and products for customers were carried by a coachman with a horse. 

Plungės Duona, UAB was registered in 1992. In 1997 the bakery was purchased from the then Plungė Consumer Cooperative by the company Plungės Kooperatinė Prekyba, UAB, belonging to Vičiūnai Group.

At that time, significant funds were invested into new bakery equipment. The aim was to expand the range and to improve product quality. Investments, experience and the preserved traditions allowed not only to establish in the Lithuanian market, but also to receive attention from foreign buyers. In 2009 the company purchased tunnelling baking oven, which allowed reducing the costs, i.e. use less electric power and gas, improve product quality and increase production capacities.

Today Plungės Duona, UAB is a modern bread bakery, especially proud of its organic product range. Plungės Duona is one of the largest organic grain processors in Lithuania.


The core business of Plungės Duona, UAB is production of bread and white products, grain buying and milling, retail trade. The main raw material – flour – is made in the company. Bread products with VIČI trademark are well known not only to Lithuanian buyer, but also in the USA, Spain, Ireland and other countries.

Plungės Duona, UAB is especially proud of its range of organic products. The company is one of the largest processors of organic grain in Lithuania; it has two Italian firm “Agrex” mills. The company buys grain from the suppliers all over Lithuania.

Large development opportunities for bread bakery are associated with production export. The company has already successfully entered into foreign markets; however, there can be seen a great potential for a wider production development – the company is capable of producing top-quality production at a competitive price.

The company has its own retail store, where it sells its own production. A buyer in the store can always choose from a wide range of production; where it is attempted to provide the freshest and warm bread, loafs or rolls just out of the oven.



  • Public Enterprise “Ekoagra” certificate, obtained in 2003. 
  • In 2009 the contest “Lithuanian Product of the Year” awarded the organic dark bread “Tėvo“ with gold medal.
  • In 2011 the contest “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2011” awarded the organic dark bread “Inteligentų” with gold medal.


Plungės Duona, UAB
Salomėjos Nėries Str. 79, LT 90166 Plungė
Phone: +370 448-73192, Fax: +370 448-73192

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